STRAMONDO is a harmonious interweaving of Tradition, Innovation and Genuineness.



In 1940, in Catania, on the Sicilian east coast, Pasquale Stramondo – Master Pastry Chef had the avant-garde intuition to develop semi-finished products for artisanal gelato and pastry.

In 1973 Pasquale Stramondo, who had become an established local entrepreneur, met Vincenzo Lo Castro, a young sales agent, and saw in him great skills and determination. Eager to carry on his project, Pasquale Stramondo involves him to the point of entrusting him with the management of the company.


In 1980 Vincenzo Lo Castro decided to move the company to his hometown, Salemi, in the province of Trapani, the heart of the production of agricultural raw materials. In those years STRAMONDO continues its growth, becoming a point of reference even outside the Sicilian borders.

In the nineties, the sons Vito, Silvia and Sergio Lo Castro supported their father Vincenzo and projected the company into international markets, making STRAMONDO notoriety all over the world.

Nowadays STRAMONDO is a leader in the production of high quality confectionery products and exports to more than 50 countries.



Our production and administrative headquarters are located in an industrial complex of 12.000 square meters, with spaces available for customer training and a research laboratory where the future is realized.



A state-of-the-art plant, “U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ” registered, BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and IFS Food Standard certified.




We have always developed the entire production process with professionalism, expertise and dedication. For three generations now, we have cherished the scents of our land, which in our products are enhanced by skilful processes that start from carefully selected raw materials.

In confirmation of this congenital family and business propensity, the “BIA” line, entirely organic, subject to the CCPB Control and Certification Services, was conceived more than thirty years ago.

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