Ingredients and semi-finished products for Italian Artisan Gelato and Pastry

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About Us


STRAMONDO was born in Catania in 1940 by Pasquale Stramondo, entrepreneur of the time, that use his knowledge of Sicilian pastry chef, making paste products and high quality cream for gelato pastry, expecially he stands out for almond processing, typical ingredient of Catania’s pastry.

In 1973 Pasquale Stramondo knows Vincenzo Lo Castro and immediately sees in him the charisma of the man who wants to share an industrial project and at all costs bring it forward. So he decides to trust in him, Lo Castro becomes his right arm, and after a few years the leader of the company.

Vincenzo Lo Castro, a native of the province of Trapani decided to move the company in its productive hinterland and from 1980 the Stramondo is based in salemi, the heart of the production of agricultural raw materials.

Over the years the children Vito, Silvia and Sergio Lo Castro support their father Vincenzo and project the company in the international market earning fame in worldwide. The generational shift is bearing results creating new synergies and perspectives.



Without giving up what has made “big”  in the past, Stramondo offers to its customers a wide range of products that have a common denominator: high quality and being the ideal product for every type of customer.  Is from this ideology that born concentrated fruit, nuts creams, balanced bases, toppings etc, in the versions: conventional, organic, vegan, for intolerant etc. Just because no one can ever say you’re not a Stramondo’s customer.


Stramondo is tradition, too: knowledge of almond processing, nuts’ cream, marzipan, Solomandorla prepared for almond drink, hazelnut with its delicate taste, nougat with sicilian perfums, pistachio.

All the result of a handing down of traditional formulas which have the flavor of antique and the taste and scent of Sicily.

The processing of fresh fruit is the pride of Stramondo, using non-invasive methods in order to ensure its nutritional content in its product as fresh fruit.

The Fresh fruit, once arrived in our establishment is immediately processed to prevent them from losing nutrients through a cutting-edge process of concentration. In this way the concentrated fruit has maintained the flavor and color of the original fruit.

And finally the balanced bases, which represent the most innovative product on the market: neutral,ready mixtures, a variety of products that satisfy any type of customer.

Today Stramondo is proud to say: there is a product for everyone!


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